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1950 - 80 Main Street, Williamstown, Massachusetts

A 6 year old lived at the end of the hall in splendid isolation on the 3rd floor

owned the Columbia Encyclopedia, and read it every day

believed that Leif Ericsson discovered America

met someone who lived during the Civil War

listened at the top of the stairs to the phone call telling his Grandmother that his Grandfather had died moments earlier. "Oh, no, not Wally".

whose Great Aunt made wonderful apple pies, and knew lots and lots about their ancestors

walked in the woods with his French poodle, "Lum de Jour"

told a girl that he talked to God sometimes

got bifocals, and still slept with a stuffed rabbit.

1948_May_3_-_David_and_Memere.jpg 1950_-_2_Women.jpg 1950_-_8O_Main_Street2C_Williamstown2C_Massachusetts_Home.jpg 1950_-_David_in_Williamstown2C_Massachusetts.jpg 1966_-_175_West_79th_Street2C_17b2C_New_York_City.jpg

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