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1946 - June 20 - 2nd Birthday552 viewsphoto by Gene Lester.

the piano player in Hollywood, 1946

This kid's going nowhere

sure, he's got talent

his sense of Beauty is filled with godliness

but his fascination with boobs unseemly

intense curiosity about people means

he will most likely be a photographer not a doctor

a shame not to be a pianist.
1948 - My Pony Ride1252 views at age 4 in Central Park, 5th Avenue & 59th Street


everyone in my life is gone

memory startlingly vivid

did they ever exist?

memory is only one of many parallel universes

the tree did fall in the forest

I was there

they are gone

the orphan is alone in the forest

I see the trees

hear nothing

faces like rivers

copyright David Schoen 1968 - 2014 all rights reserved
1948 - May 3rd - David and Memere447 viewsReady to travel, California
1950 - 2 Women442 viewsYvette and Agnes in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

One loved

the other couldn't
1950 - 80 Main Street, Williamstown, Massachusetts489 viewsA 6 year old lived at the end of the hall in splendid isolation on the 3rd floor

owned the Columbia Encyclopedia, and read it every day

believed that Leif Ericsson discovered America

met someone who lived during the Civil War

listened at the top of the stairs to the phone call telling his Grandmother that his Grandfather had died moments earlier. "Oh, no, not Wally".

whose Great Aunt made wonderful apple pies, and knew lots and lots about their ancestors

walked in the woods with his French poodle, "Lum de Jour"

told a girl that he talked to God sometimes

got bifocals, and still slept with a stuffed rabbit.
1950 - David in Williamstown, Massachusetts401 viewsAt 80 Main Street

Memories are the soul's perfume...........
1966 - 175 West 79th Street, 17b 417 viewsNew York City - Memere's penthouse on 79th street, near
Hayden Planetarium, and the museum of Natural History.
1966 - Washington Square NY439 viewsSummer 1966
1966 - David and his first great love, Katherine David745 viewsWith Memere keeping an eye on things. In New York on West 79th street
1972 - David in Mickey Mouse jacket467 viewsIn New York City.

"There have always been in me, two people at least, one person desperate and bewildered, who felt he was drowning and another who would leap into a scene, as upon a stage, conceal his true emotions because they were weaknesses, helplessness, despair, and present to the world only a smile, an eagerness, curiosity, enthusiasm, interest."
1973 - David with Shelley and Larry Watkins in Dallas553 viewsMy sister, Shelley, and her then husband, Larry.
1973 - David & Larry Watkins in Dallas471 viewsChristmas in Texas --- family reunion
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