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1975 - Karena Wedaa496 viewsNew York City
1977, April 21 - A Postcard to Shelley, Milan to Texas421 viewstrapped in a bad marriage

poor and alone, with a child

writing postcards to a distant man

she hardly knew.
1977 - David in the Alps, 15,000' at Stelvio439 views

1977 - December. Family Christmas in Texas646 views FAMILY

Cathy Lynn - Lesbian truck Driver

David - Lover of small things and forgotten places

Susan Leslie - Rancher & Food Worker

Shelley Eve - Hotelier in Las Vegas (not shown)

Agnes Lillian - The Light of my Life


Yvette Agnes - Elusive Figure; loved drugs & booze

water families love
thoughts friendships comes
flow ebb goes

flow> <memories

synapses connect all

so much beauty so little time
1977 - November - Miriam in the 7th ardt. 457 viewsCerebral intelligence dominates

wresting control from super novas

of transient emotive forces

now, if I don't get another email from her,

I'll be fine.
1977 Stelvio - June 8th - Italian Vogue shoot386 viewsMy first, of numerous visits, to Stelvio, and the Italian Alps.
1978 - September - Fashion Catalog shoot558 viewsBeautiful lingerie models running around in high heels

goofy photographer doesn't pay attention

as he is reading an exciting chapter in "Religions in Ancient Egypt"

just learned the Gnostics predated proto-orthodoxy in Egypt

until the stylist intones "They're ready".
1978 - at DL1UF in Phoenix, Arizona415 viewsMy first visit with Reinhard.

bratzelbamme and coffee in the morning, and DX.
1980 - David in the Sudan - December in Khartoum518 viewsOmdurman, Sudan meeting with Gunther (DF3NZ/ST2), Peter (DK5BD/ST2), me (N2KK/ST2), Fadul (ST2FF), and Dr. Sid (ST2SA).
1986 - In Milano430 viewsI feel I could write the Iliad and the Odyssey

in a single year

complete with footnotes and a beautiful index

but never complete the bibliography

1989 - David Schoen - The Nomad505 viewsinterview for 1989 art book of my work.

A nomad, a wanderer, lover of everything beautiful. A lover of life, wine, exotic and forgotten places, hidden corners, and small things that could be beautiful. A lover of stars, mountain tops, little kisses, and voices from around the planet.
1990 - King Kong Ridge, a mile above the world.542 viewsThe wall moves

buffet me

keep me safe

from the depredation of man

the wind smacks the cabin


I am free

I am home

welcome wind!
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