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Her Best Friend's Son916 views"A delicious afternoon with my best friend's son, he was exciting and dangerous. I could hardly contain my enthusiasm, and couldn't wait to tell my lover about it".
-XIV arondissement, Paris.
Lake at Parc Montsouris378 viewsa beautiful setting for transient love

Parc Montsouris Paris372 viewsUnder This Tree, I was told that love had gone away.
Street of the Lost503 viewsthe small grow smaller

the weak grow weaker

Colors wreak havoc

the rue tilts at crazy angles

distances stretch so far away!

teeth fall out and hit the pavement

faces fold into themselves

.......and yet the beauty of the day is astounding.
Waiting for your lover who's never coming683 viewsParc Montsouris, XIV arondissement, Paris

Subdued in green

A soft breeze stirs like a lover's kiss

that must be him walking towards her now
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