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1977, April 21 - A Postcard to Shelley, Milan to Texas421 viewstrapped in a bad marriage

poor and alone, with a child

writing postcards to a distant man

she hardly knew.
1977 - David in the Alps, 15,000' at Stelvio439 views

1977 - December. Family Christmas in Texas646 views FAMILY

Cathy Lynn - Lesbian truck Driver

David - Lover of small things and forgotten places

Susan Leslie - Rancher & Food Worker

Shelley Eve - Hotelier in Las Vegas (not shown)

Agnes Lillian - The Light of my Life


Yvette Agnes - Elusive Figure; loved drugs & booze

water families love
thoughts friendships comes
flow ebb goes

flow> <memories

synapses connect all

so much beauty so little time
1977 Stelvio - June 8th - Italian Vogue shoot386 viewsMy first, of numerous visits, to Stelvio, and the Italian Alps.
Paris Planning 1977 807 viewsAimee, Alex, Alexandra King, Amanda Porter, Anna-Maria, Anne Bezamat, Anneke,
Anne L, Anne Neil, Annett, Barbro, Benedicte, Beth Todd, Beverly, Birgit Larsen, Brooke Davis, Catherine Mathew, Cheryl, Claire Klarin, Crosby, Cynthia Shaffer, Cynthia Swearingen, Debara Bertin, Debbie Biernacki, Deborah Colett, Dominique Bues, Dot, Evelyn Hilton, Franziska Carrara, Kate,
Gaby Wagner, Geri, Gia, Guerra, Gunnel Eriksson, Hellen Hogberg, Jane Kirby, Tina Theberge, Jenny Hudson, Joyce Buck, Juli Foster, Kathleen Newman, Kathy Johanson, Kelli, Kimberly Ames, Laurence, Lisa Andersen,
Lisa Murrell, Lisa Vale, Loraine Bracco, Marcella, Martina, Joanne King, Mary Beth, Melanie, Merete, Michelle Hold, Mira, Miriam Larsen, Nancy Doll, Peggy Dillard, Pia Frithiof, Plonja, Saki, Sharon Spurrell, Shaun Casey, Sigi, Sophie Bruynoghe, Sue Smithers, Susan Chase, Susan Moncur,
Susanna Schoenborn, Suzan Wyatt, Tara Shannon, Teri Fangman, Ulla K, Veronique, Vivian, Will Russell, Yvonne.
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