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14th Century Fresco Recently Found In Firenze1252 viewsAn errant altar boy encounters Saint Raphaella - Florence, Italy.
In the sacristy behind the altar, after mass, she appeared to him, while the child molester priest waited for him.
154 West 27th Street1313 viewsNaked, you are simple as one of your hands,
Smooth, earthy, small, transparent, round:
You have moon lines, apple pathways:
Naked, you are slender as a naked grain of wheat.

Naked, you are blue as the night in Cuba;
You have vines and stars in your hair;
Naked, you are spacious and yellow
As summer in a golden church.

Naked, you are tiny as one of your nails,
Curved, subtle, rosy, till the day is born
And you withdraw to the underground world,

as if down a long tunnel of clothing and of chores:
Your clear light dims, gets dressed, drops its leaves,
And becomes a naked hand again.

copyright 1968 - 2014 all rights reserved
15 Rue de Bievre631 viewsParis V
Polaroid Art
15 Rue de Bievre843 viewsThe 5th arondissement Paris.
Polaroid Art.

Undressing for your lover
1940 - Memere at the Hotel Belmar in Puerto Vallarta419 viewsI think now that this is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Not Belmar NJ, Altoona PA, Isla Mujeres Mexico, or Monteverde, Costa Rica where there are Hotel Belmars also. I note the palm tree in the foreground.
1977 - David in the Alps, 15,000' at Stelvio439 views

1980 - David in the Sudan - December in Khartoum518 viewsOmdurman, Sudan meeting with Gunther (DF3NZ/ST2), Peter (DK5BD/ST2), me (N2KK/ST2), Fadul (ST2FF), and Dr. Sid (ST2SA).
1989 - David Schoen - The Nomad505 viewsinterview for 1989 art book of my work.

A nomad, a wanderer, lover of everything beautiful. A lover of life, wine, exotic and forgotten places, hidden corners, and small things that could be beautiful. A lover of stars, mountain tops, little kisses, and voices from around the planet.
1990 - My Good Friend Edgardo and Me407 viewsAt King Kong Ridge with my jeep.

Edgardo, visiting from Italy, had an aneurism a few months later, and died, at the age of 27.
Lying In The Pool984 viewsSupine At The Feet Of His Unfaithful Lover.......
Beaux Arts Bath709 viewsThe most beautiful men have enduring feminine qualities
Upside Down For Love955 viewsJust found out his wife has been unfaithful, can't control his desire for her, spinning out of control
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