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Bash Bish Falls 31561 viewsCrouching Tiger.

Bash Bish Falls might be the most spectacular waterfall in the state of Massachusetts. It's literally located on the state line of NY and MA in Mt. Washington, MA.

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Joanna At Bash Bish Falls633 viewsA Beautiful Waterfall
Karena Wedaa at Bash Bish Falls2268 viewsFRAGMENT

the only unforgivable crime is the destruction of beauty

time, then, must not be forgiven

when your heart has been emptied of beauty by time

there is nothing to live for

beauty creates desire

but too much time has been given to experience

and not enough beauty has been felt

in a moment of perfection

time stops

beauty experiences itself

copyright David Schoen 1968 - 2014 all rights reserved
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