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By The Sea At Pirate's Cove1308 viewslong feet
long limbs
high breasts
by the water's edge.

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Chelsey at Pirates Cove493 viewsSan Luis Obispo, California

“Dreams are necessary to life.”
Michelangelo's Body629 viewsOn the beach at Pirate's Cove
Pirates Cove 1588 views
Pirates Cove 2943 viewsHigh Heels On The Beach

"Man can never know the loneliness a woman knows. Man lies in the woman's womb only to gather strength, he nourishes himself from this fusion, and then he rises and goes into the world, into his work, into battle, into art. He is not lonely. He is busy. The memory of the swim in amniotic fluid gives him energy, completion. Woman may be busy too, but she feels empty. Sensuality for her is not only a wave of pleasure in which she is bathed, and a charge of electric joy at contact with another. When man lies in her womb, she is fulfilled, each act of love a taking of man within her, an act of birth and rebirth, of child rearing and man bearing. Man lies in her womb and is reborn each time anew with a desire to act, to be. But for woman, the climax is not in the birth, but in the moment man rests inside of her."

copyright David Schoen 1968 - 2014 all rights reserved
Pirates Cove 3638 viewsSwimwear
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