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Ancient Sculpture From Cephalonia658 viewsGreek sculpture
A Morning On The Beach646 viewsmom is on the beach

with her cabana boy

while her daughter, the beautiful marine biologist, swims

with the Whale Sharks effortlessly, deep in the sea
Foot Fetish629 viewsHe likes her toes very much!
The sensory receptor sites in the cerebral cortex that respond to feet and genitals sit right next to one another.
Landscape953 viewsThe Body As Landscape

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Laurence in Paris 9694 viewsPink Derriere
Paradise II635 views
Paris By Night623 views
Up The Down Staircase In Luminescent Heels1100 viewsDerriere As Art

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Tami Hogan at Vasquez Rocks502 views"I think that sexuality is mystical, funny, and ridiculous. It is at once the best thing that can happen to you, or the worst thing in your life. Either way, it does not bring peace. Perhaps the worst thing is when it is trivial and boring. Nevertheless, we must breed, and hope for long lasting love, and hope our roots intertwine."

copyright 1968 - 2014 all rights reserved
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