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Her Best Friend's Son718 views"A delicious afternoon with my best friend's son, he was exciting and dangerous. I could hardly contain my enthusiasm, and couldn't wait to tell my lover about it".
-XIV arondissement, Paris.
Danielle Guerra139 viewsL'Europeo cover
Devil's Golf Course382 viewsDeath Valley at sunrise
L'Europeo Cover377 views
The Romance of Sex810 viewsThe Color Of Truth Changes With The Light.

Sex is a risky business for many animals. Those who take part in 'explosive breeding' -- where many males gather and compete for a small number of females over a few days -- have it particularly tough. Males can become exhausted from the competition and search for a scarce mate, or from trying to dislodge other males from receptive females. The females themselves can be unintentionally crushed, drowned or simply exhausted under the weight of their many suitors.
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