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Revlon Impressionism700 viewsLishka, a Guy Bourdin model
Fantasy in Paris 2404 viewsLishka, who often worked with Guy Bourdin
Fantasy in Paris 2601 viewsLishka delights in sheer erotic fantasy
Fantasy in Paris 4570 viewsLishka

Why are you smiling?

it was only a kiss!
Fantasy in Paris 5554 views"In my dreams I was the lover of Anais Nin"
Fantasy in Paris 6551 viewsLishka in Paris

in Paris,

abandons her husband and children for a painter

moves in right away
Fantasy in Paris 7537 viewsLishka
Fantasy in Paris 8564 viewsLishka, a great model
Lishka In Paris2569 views"Lishka was a Guy Bourdin model.
She's just one of those people.
She wasn't particularly famous;
she lived in L.A. and was one of those girls who couldn't get her clothes off quick enough. She was always like that.
I think she was always on Quaaludes, she was always so ... Malleable.
She reflected an era in a way; it was so drugs, sex and rock'n'roll."

copyright 1968 - 2014 David Schoen
all rights reserved
Paris XIV With Lishka553 viewsI seek the deepest most reflective shade

Does love only bloom in the heat of the sun?

or its variant in the dark of the night?

my thoughts bubble and ferment in the cool shadows

where fungus and mold flourish in the nourishing bosom

of the rain forest

I am hungry for colors that saturate in the velvet darkness.
Thinking Of You584 viewsLishka

kissing is tantalizing

it's just that needing a kiss is disgusting

it should always be a surprise
Manmade Beauty is offensive960 views
to observe beauty is divine

we must celebrate the birth of everything most beautiful

from insignificance to awful beauty

from puberty to the next life we must rock n'roll

and observe beauty

a stone overturned

a tree stump in the forest

broken yellowed teeth

concrete covers the earth


copyright David Schoen 1968 - 2014 all rights reserved
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