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1920 - Aunt Eva505 viewsMassachusetts
Dating is approximate!
1925, June 21 - Aunt Eva482 viewsAlways independent. born Eva Little in 1898, married Leo King, who ran away with the next door neighbor in the 1950s. Loved to babble in French with the nuns who came to visit her in Adams, Mass. from Quebec, our original family home. She died in New Brunswick, NJ in 1991, a long life.
1930 - Memere and Yvette436 viewsMy mother, Yvette at 5 years of age, and Agnes, my grandmother, at 28, if my dating is correct.
1933 - Memere and Wally Jacobs (Pepere)431 viewsA Ride In The Country
1935, June 16 - Yvette & Memere417 viewsYvette at 10, Memere (Agnes) at 33 years of age, on an afternoon in June.
Yvette In Poison Ivy565 viewsNorth Adams, Massachusetts
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