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120' Rohn 55 tower from several miles away857 views1988 - 2004.
The radio tower sits lonely, splendid, and regal amidst abundant nature.

copyright David Schoen 1968 - 2014 all rights reserved
2 el. 80m. yagi at 120'498 viewsrohn 55 at King Kong Ridge
80 meter 4 square at sunrise647 viewsThere is nothing like the longpath. At this moment it is wide open to Europe just before dawn. We are all excited, and moving as fast as we can.
King Kong Ridge522 viewsA mile above the world, 332 countries on 80 meters

My cabin in the clouds

vertically oriented and amplified

the tiniest voices on the planet float here

and are often grabbed out of the air

to resonate in my mind.
King Kong Ridge - 2 el 80m. yagi at 120'693 viewsClimbing the tower all the way to the sky was a favorite activity.......then to look down a mile below was like flying.
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