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An American in Paris In Spring597 viewsThe Jardins de Luxembourg
Paris Nights752 viewsLove in the 5th Arondissement.
"My love wanted to see me with another woman; I was more interested in seeing her with another man. I wanted to see the expression on her face."
Karena Wedaa at Bash Bish Falls2261 viewsFRAGMENT

the only unforgivable crime is the destruction of beauty

time, then, must not be forgiven

when your heart has been emptied of beauty by time

there is nothing to live for

beauty creates desire

but too much time has been given to experience

and not enough beauty has been felt

in a moment of perfection

time stops

beauty experiences itself

copyright David Schoen 1968 - 2014 all rights reserved
Undressing Your Lover For The Last Time631 viewsAs delicious as the first time. Exciting and terrible that another man had been with her recently.....she told him all her secrets, all our secrets, and he threatened to kill me. Delicious and terrible.
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